Internet Media Analysis (IMA)

Making critical business decisions begins with having the information you need at your disposal.

Internet Media Analysis – Our Strength
DataEntryPak provides customers with news, information, and rumours from every key online
source that affects their business. With critical information collected and delivered to
them, decision-makers can spot threats and chances eventually to act effectively while
saving hours of manual research. We provide a professional grade service that locates and
Abstractions what is being said about a company or its products in online publications,
message boards, forums, groups, and web sites. Our expert research consultant’s work with
clients to develop optimum search profiles, and then DataEntryPak industry leading technology
scours the Internet on a daily basis locating and referencing every new mention.
Results are available to clients in their preferred medium as and when it appears in any of
the links in the World Wide Web. Our Web Researchers spend an average of 8 hours a week doing
research. We provide significantly more effective and less expensive research than any other
manual or automated research method. We follow professional and unique method in researching the Web.

No other service matches the breadth of our coverage, the sophistication of our filtering technology,
or the power and ease of our Media and Internet Media Analysis management system. Put simply, we research more,
filter better, reach the goal, and cost less than anybody else.

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