OCR cleanup process is an essential part for all those business firms who acquire
this method of optical character recognition. Optical character recognition,
short for OCR is a process through which the pages of a document are scanned into a version of Unicode or ASCII.
It is a first of all step in acquiring the master & accurate manuscript (e-Book or print production).

The cleanup process is carried out manually by means of making the errors correct which
are made by the OCR software in the phase of character identification. Our main asset is our
trained technicians who are well experienced and highly skilled at this job of OCR clean-up.

There are three steps for the OCR cleanup process:

* Identifying of the suspected OCR characters.
* Dispatching the errors to the data entry operator.
* Formal assertion of validity to be done manually.

Double-key data entry perks up the level of accuracy. Two independent data entry operators enter the same data at the same time.
Computer than comparability’s the results and let the operators know about the inaccuracy if any.

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